Environmentalists and local people protest against coal-fired power plant

Deputy Minister of Electric Power and Energy Khin Maung Win told a meeting of the People’s Parliament today that the Tik coal-fired power plant, which has long been opposed by locals and civil society groups, was in session.

“In the past, when the department visited the factory, it took a great deal of effort to operate a machine with 25 megawatts and two 50-volt machines. The company is now producing 50 megawatts and 100 megawatts of electricity each year, thus benefiting the state as it supplies enough electricity to meet the demand. It is beneficial for the state as the electricity supply meets the electricity needs, ”said Khin Maung Win.

The interrogation of Mizzima constituency questions whether the Tikai coal-fired power plant, which is environmentally friendly and opposed by locals and civil society, can benefit the state’s economy and whether the lost and restored natural resources can support the country’s long-term development.

At a parliamentary session on May 19, Pyithu Hluttaw representative Sai Aye asked questions about the Tikari power plant and also asked whether the government plans to review the controversial three-year extension of the Tikari coal-fired power plant.

The coal-fired power plant has been affected by environmental problems and local social problems. He also said that the government needed to control the contentious issue among civil society organizations.

He said the agreement was signed with Wuxi Huaguang Electric Power Engineering, a China-based coal-fired power plant, once a year, but the government allowed the company to renew it for three years.

The power generated by the coal-fired power plant is causing environmental damage and causing damage to the environment. He added that the government had extended the issue despite public opposition from residents and civil society groups because of the deterioration of the health system.

He added that the water source and ecosystem around the five mile stretch of the Tigris coal-fired power plant were badly damaged and that the land and livestock were also damaged.

Local people have also experienced increased rates of child malnutrition due to pollution. Low birth weight and obstetric problems; Sai Tun Aye says he suffers from a number of respiratory illnesses.

He pointed out that the particulate matter emitted by the factory was beyond the legal limit.

Khin Maung Win, Deputy Minister for Electric Power and Energy, replied that the local power plant was not causing any health problems and that the company and the government were working together to reduce environmental damage.

He added that the plant would be extended for three years and would be in operation until 2023.

However, the Environmental Impact Assessment report carried out by E Guard Environmental Services for the Tigris coal-fired power plant has not been approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and the government has allowed the three-year visit to be implemented, said Aung Kyaw Moe of Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability – MATA.

Khin Maung Win, deputy minister for electricity and energy, said that the process had been completed and that environmental and social impacts were being done.

Hundreds of local people held a protest in April to shut down the plant.

China-based Wuxi Huaguang Electric Power Engineering has been granted a 22-year contract with a long-term lease.

The Tianjin Electric Power Plant began in 2002, and is a large national industrialized China manufacturing plant

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