Tatmadaw releases 5 arrests including 5 housekeepers in Kyauktaw

Rakhine State Kyauktaw Township The Tatmadaw reported that the AA arrested five people, including a housekeeper in Kawkareik and Marla villages.

Kyauktaw Township On the morning of May 18, four men and four women, including U Hantha and U Wah Tha Aung, and a housekeeper from Kawla Village, arrived at Kyauktaw Township to pick up supplies and buy necessary supplies from Kyauktaw Township in Kyauktaw. At 10 noon while U Thant and two Maung Thar Win were shopping at Kyaukpyu market at about noon, about 10 AA members dressed in civilian clothes on the Krishna Road. At 12:30 noon, Maung Han Thein; Wai Thar Aung and Aung Saw 3 were on the north side of the market. About 10 AA members were detained and taken to a nearby pharmacy on Min Saw Mon Road. One of the missing persons was U Maung Thein Tun.

He could not be reached for comment on the Arakan Army’s AA news, but could not be reached. Journalists have been banned in Rakhine and the government has cut off internet access, making it difficult to verify ground news.

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