Farmers confiscate nearly 200 acres of farmer’s land to expand the Tigris coal mine

Southern Shan State Sai Htoo, an executive of the MATA (Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability), said that local farmers were being forced to seize more than 200 acres of farmland to expand the Tikai coal mine, which is opposed by locals and environmental activists.

The Tigris coal mine is being mined by Eden Natural Resources Development Company and is supplying it to the Tigris Coal Power Plant.

The Tich coal mine has already been demarcated for expansion, and farmers are encouraged to grow crops, plantations, and produce. The farmers were informed on May 9 that they would not be cultivating a single crop after the harvest.

In addition, it was announced that the land would not be cultivated.

The notice also states that the land has been officially designated as a coal mine.
According to farmers in Tikik village tract, 182 acres of land were confiscated.

Sai Htoo from the MATA group in Shan State said that the company was negotiating the compensation for farmers from MATA at around 10 kyat per acre.

“The market price is around 100 lakh acre per acre. They are now adjusting to pay 100,000,000. Compensation It doesn’t mean compensation, ”he explained.

The land confiscated by the mine extension includes the farmland of 35 Tikai village tract farmers, said Khun Maung Chit, who is working on the land.

According to Khun Maung, the company said that the land was owned by the mine and there was no compensation.

“These are the land they were previously entitled to. They also said that they could no longer pay the compensation. ”

He added that there was a threat to prosecute if farmers from the company were involved in a documentary filming with the company officials at the Eden Company and the village administration officials.

He said that the letter had been reported to the Shan State Government about the land confiscation, but it has not been reported today.

“We are collecting signatures to file another complaint,” he said.
At a parliamentary session on May 19, the MNDU constituency, Sai Tun Aye, said that the government would review the controversial three-year extension of the controversial coal-fired power plant.

Local people face daily social and environmental problems due to the local coal-fired power plant and coal mine waste. Business The Shan State Army-North (MATA) has called for an immediate halt because of health and environmental impacts.

Image: Farmers from Eden Company and Village Administrator met with farmers who were about to be confiscated.


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