Eden company destroys over 12 acres of farmland in Tucson

Yangon, May 29

Southern Shan State Pinlone Township, Yangon Shan State’s MATA group said that more than 12 acres of land disputed by a company and farmers near the Eden Coal Mining Company in Tikit were destroyed by machinery on Tuesday, according to Sai Tau, a MATA group.

“Their Eden Natural Resources Development Company confiscates their mine-related lands. Local people are scared. I was afraid to give up because of fear. Compensation for compensation under the Land Survey Law; How will the law be compensated if it is paid? Now it pays for crop compensation. We don’t know what to calculate and what to pay for. If the crop compensation is double that of the market price. There are such things. So if they have already paid the crop compensation, will they give them land compensation? Farmers are not aware that the land has been confiscated, ”he said.

Eden Company paid farmers over 12 acres of land for 22 farmers as compensation for their land during the land acquisition, according to MATA, Shan State.

“The President’s signature is that land is not easy or not. Without the President’s signature, there will be 14 in each of the 14 states where the president is authorized to delegate power. They must have their tickets. Now it is not fair to keep it without anyone’s signature. Yes, in the days of our fathers, yes. Because of fear, now is a democratic era. It’s kind of disguised to do this. There are farmers who want to get back their land, and there are people who want land compensation, ”said Sai Tun.

In the case of the land confiscation, there are people who have ancestral land with a form 7 that can prove that they own the land. Those who have not received land compensation and who have received land compensation have also been confiscated.

The MATA in Shan State will hold a special meeting and the authorities will work to resolve the confiscation process as soon as possible according to the law.

When contacted by the Land Acquisition Development Company, the phone number went wrong, saying that the phone number was wrong, and the Shan State government officials had not been contacted but did not respond.

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