Victorious case for promotion of three police officers Criminal prosecution continues

Yangon, May 31

Zaw Htay, director general of the President’s Office, said that while the Victoria Police had been suspended for upgrading three child officers, the prosecutor general said that the action was “unpleasant and criminal”.

Khin Maung Zayar, the prosecutor in Victoria’s case, said the sanctions were merely a departmental action and that criminalization was continuing. He said the president had asked the president for permission to take action to release information about the baby in public.

“This is his department, I want action. Departmental action will encounter If water layer in the third phase. Expelled putting the drawstring within about 7. What exactly is the lowest tendency in the third level. They have a level of promotion if you do not know how you can not be sure.. Does not rank the two stories were few and far between. So I thought it was promoted in their work. In addition to their departments. I would say that he suffered in the match and then everything is not enough “But they are punishing their department. There is no criminal justice. The three have been released in public for criminal charges. The action has not yet taken place because the case has not yet been filed.”

According to Khin Maung Zaw, prosecutor of the Victorian case, a criminal prosecutor has been arrested for misconduct in Victoria.

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