Aye Thu, who has become an actor from the market, said he understands the difficulties of the marketers during COVID-19.

Actor Aye joins I Do Nation, and says it will work for the health care of its customers. Duwun Media interviewed in Duwun Media that she is a saleswoman and understands the lifestyle of shoppers.

“Marketers are also among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis. Among them were donors, mainly donors and flyers. Aunty was a marketer in the past. We sell clothes. Because they sell at the local market, they understand the lifestyle of the marketers. It’s also closer. They understand the life of the shopkeeper. He is an actor from the grassroots. Marketers are more likely to be paid by consumers on a day-to-day basis. “

He is said to have been a salesman before becoming an actor. He is also known as a trader who has been through the life of a trader.

“Everyone is difficult at present. The main challenge facing this problem is the traders. So I would like to suggest that you contribute. This is not what the Aussies said. The shopkeeper is alive and well, and he can feel even more. Auspicious people are struggling too. But it was a bit of a rush, and it was fine. How much will this endure? The business people also control. “But these are the most affected.”

As a result, she was involved in the COVID-19 program organized by ‘I Do Nation’ by more than 7,000 marketers, and with the provision of Covid-19 preventive medicine.

Aye Myat Thu started working in art at the age of 19. Now she is a beautiful actress who is over 33 years old. At present, movies, movies, magazines, and so on. Video movies, She is an actress who has done many TV commercials. At present, she provides as much help and support as possible on COVID-19. We found donations.


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