The singer-songwriter came up with a song that reminded the audience of what he was doing during his stay at home.

Singer says that he remembers the audience every time he sang at home. Duwun also expressed concern about the health of his loved ones.

I remember my audience. Sometimes I wonder if they are okay. What about the audience in Yangon? I remember the local audience. If I was singing alone at home, I would think of this song as being with my fans. ”

Currently, the singer is preparing to release a new album. He says it will include love songs.

I’m going to do a new song with my brother and me. Although the two brothers’ music styles are the same, they are different. The songs are sweet and sweet. The song is a combination of both. “We don’t know when we will leave.”

So, he says, he wrote more “good” songs. He says he is also paying close attention to the health of his fans.

“I wrote some good music. I didn’t know what to miss. I miss you so much. I miss the audience too. I miss my loved ones too. But when you meet the audience, you are paying attention now that you can really sing well. “

The song received a lot of support from the first single, ‘Lantern’, which was released in 2012. It was a great success because it matched the tastes of the young fans. The second single, ‘Hello’, was released in 2014. After that, he disappeared from the music world for some time. By 2018, his health has improved and his music career has resumed. It is also trying to release a third single.

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