A group of monkeys attacked a medical staff in India after robbing a group of COVID-19 patients.

Authorities on May 29 have seized a blood sample of a COVID-19 patient in India after a monk attacked a medical staff in India.

This week, monkeys attacked a laboratory technician who was walking in a government medical college in the town of Mareng, 286 miles north of the province of Uttar Pradesh.

The monkeys hunted for blood samples from the four COVID-19 patients who were undergoing treatment. Their blood samples were recovered, “said Dr SK Garg.” Authorities do not know where the monkeys have thrown their blood samples.

But residents near the college campus are worried that monkeys bring blood samples of COVID-19 patients to the living area, which could further spread the virus. Dr G Garg said the monkeys were not sure if the monkeys were infected and could carry the COVID-19, if they were exposed to blood samples.

“There is no evidence that monkeys have been infected,” he told Rueters News.

The Corona virus is believed to have infected humans at a market in Wuhan in central China in late December. More than 170,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in India so far this morning. There were over 4,900 deaths and over 81,000 recovered.

Environmentalists say the main reason animals come to the area for food is because of the loss of their natural habitat.

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