Aye Thit told her attitude towards those who were selling their business during the Covid period.

Aye Thit has been back in Mandalay since the 8th of March. There is no income since then. So far, there is no prospect of a job. I look forward to finding a job that does not exist at this time and highly respect those who work. But in order to make money, there is a need for integrity. You can now find them on Facebook. I like selling. I agree. I love it. But I don’t want to be too lenient for my own benefit, “he said on his Facebook page on 9 May morning with a video clip.

Looking at the current market, we find that there are a lot of sellers and demand is low. Some are happy to see some selling for charity. It is also true. Some do not sell. There are many things that you can do by yourself. During this time, everything was a little difficult. Everyone has their own challenges. For the average person, three months of living without income can be difficult. We donate as much as we can, ”he said.

Aye Thit himself said he was sad that he had no income during the Stay Home. He also wants those who are greedy at this time to be greedy.

“All are unemployed now. Some of them are good for sale, but they are not. In the meantime, they are trying to figure out how to earn their living. In the same way, be greedy. A cool person is sad when it comes to unemployment. So let’s just save what you have and eat. We will cut back on our expenses. “We will read a book while we are at home.”

Aye Myat Thu interviewed in the Duwun Media interview that Aye Myat Thu had been selling clothes in the market before he was an actor. She started working at the age of 19. At present, movies, movies, magazines, and so on. Video movies, She is an actress who has done many TV commercials. Currently, she is a successful actress and is actively pursuing her work in the arts.

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