Restaurants will be allowed to reopen in 25 cities free from Stay at Home in Bago Division

Twenty-five townships in Bago Division that have not been identified as Stay at Home have been instructed to open A-level restaurants and tea shops from the end of November. Minister for Environmental Conservation and Development Dr Saw Nyo Win said.

and protect the players released by the Ministry of Group  international standard in accordance with the level A undergo to be re-opened to allow an A-level international Union level, too, even before it officially would know it. The restaurant will be officially licensed from the end of November.

“Opening hours vary from place to place. Depending on the responsibilities of the relevant Kovis committee, the Kovis committee will discuss the matter and decide how long it should be allowed to open. In some townships, it may be noon. It may be in the morning. It will be open from when to when. Because there are pros and cons, if time is limited, people will be overcrowded, and if time is not limited, management will be weak. We have to think about all these things from all angles, ”said Dr Saw Nyo Win.

The inspection is conducted by the General Administration Department. Department of Public Health; A team of officials, including the Development Authority, will inspect the restaurants. These groups will inspect each restaurant and scrutinize according to the regulations prescribed by the Union. If the situation is reported to the township committee and the township committee decides that the township should be reopened, it will be approved by the divisional government. When Kovis was allowed to reopen between the first and second waves, restaurants had hand basins or hangers at the entrance. Installing a mask Install Face Shield Coverage rules have been issued, including allowing each other to sit at least 3 to 6 feet apart. In Bago Division, the townships designated as Stay at Home are Kawa Township, Bago Region. There are 3 townships such as Thanapin Township. In Bago Division, Bago District still has the highest Kovis infection rate.

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