Peace says the family is struggling to make ends meet while selling their noodles for COVID-19.

Actor Peace says that noodles are selling noodles during COVID-19. In an interview with Duwun Media, he said that he was an artist but was not shy about selling.

“The noodle salad has never been sold, so it was a bad taste at the time of the actual sale. It is salty and salty. These things will eventually get better. Artists can sell, sell, and sell. Anyone who walks on a treadmill must make a living for the family. At the time I was not allowed to do art work, I had to sell my money because I had no income. If they keep saying this, they cannot come and feed them. Always supported? “The sale is not necessarily a shame for the work of a pro-democracy activist.”

He also said that the audience wants to encourage the artists who are selling it, and critics say they want to spread the word.

“Don’t get discouraged because artists are selling these things. Wouldn’t it be better to say these things in a quick and prayerful way that all the work would go well? The artists are selling, and we have to worry about what we have to do to make a film. Because we didn’t have to do these kinds of work, we didn’t enjoy the entertainment. Well, let’s just say it all works out, isn’t it? “You want to make a lie.”

As a comedian and actor; Peace artist, comedian and comedian, has been in existence for more than 30 years. The audience was first known to him as a comedian. His favorite joke among the fans was that his broken “Ice, Ice Ice” was still popular in the mouth of the audience. Then came the video game, In the movie, he became a comedian.


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