She says she will make a single album of her life in order to bring together many memories in her life.

Photo: Myat Thu Thu

Myat Thu is an actor who is now on the music path. He tells Duwun that he is now preparing to release a solo album.

“To be honest, Myo wants to put together a song that will remind you of your life. I’m pleased if more songs you upload. More confident. “In the soundtrack, we are just writing new songs that will fit in a song.”

Photo: Myat Thu Thu

He says he didn’t put many songs on his solo album. She also wants to encourage her against the guitar.

“There are five songs now available, and a few changes may be added to each of the six songs. We plan to put them back in two versions, each one with consultations by Nai Zaw and the composer Nanda. “

Photo: Myat Thu Thu

Myat Thu released her first song “Comfort Award” on June 3, and introduced her song “So Far Away” on her 14th birthday. Her audience was buzzing with the Spirit. House, House The audience began to get acquainted with the TV series, Yadana and Yadana. Then came the ‘Honey Bee’ movie in the TV series ‘More My Mom’. So far, it is not wrong to have a solid audience while shooting a television series.

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