Ning Sann told his grandson that he still doesn’t want the work of art.

The veteran actress, Nai Swan, introduced the audience with her grandson, a history enthusiast. At present, Duwun says that he wants his grandson to be an education priority.

“He is passionate about the work of art. Mothers are not allowed to. He is also good at writing, She is now 16 years old, so she even made her first choice. Mother did not accept the second option. I’m worried that the message will be light. There is no guarantee that if art is a good name, it will become popular. That’s why education is the priority. ”

You are currently attending high school. He was the grandson of the late Nun. “The son of the actor is the son of the actor.” He also plans to film his grandson.

“At the moment I want him not to do any art work, but he says he will do the film after the tenth grade. He had to lay eggs to hit him. Not every artist wants to get together. That is true. When he was with his father, he was handsome. The meat is really beautiful. So I used to be told that if we had sex with a prince, we would know that we were old. The flesh is more radiant when the skin is red, and it is brighter. So we were told to change clothes. “

Nai Nwe San has been working in art since the time of the white film. She is famous for not only being an actress but also an actress. She is also known as the “Bachelor of Fine Arts” for her first overseas tour. The art is more than 60 years old. Today, she is a veteran actress working in the arts. 

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