62 administrators resign in Myebon Township

Sixty-three ward and village administrators have resigned after being charged with terrorism law in Myebon Township, Arakan State, according to the administrators.

Aung Than, the district’s northern district administrator; Maung Zaw, the administrator of the village in Myebon Township, and Kyaw Myint, the administrator of the new village in Myebon Township, were arrested by the Tatmadaw. After the 52 cases were filed, 62 administrators filed such resignations.

Sixty-two ward / village tract administrators in Myebon Township have resigned from the administration with a letter of resignation. The tags were handed over to the General Administration Department of Myebon Township in the afternoon of June 5, the administration told Modern News.

A WA / VTA official said, “Those who filed the resignation submitted 62. The group administrator was 68. People are left to post more. The reason for our resignation is that there is no fighting on either side of our map. Without that, we arrested our governors. Our administrators are no longer safe. Accountability No more responsibility. The mother department is not responsible. No responsibility. It does not provide protection. What do you want to do then? ”

Arrested administrators with suspicion of supporting the armed group; Pe Than, a resident of Myitkyina Township, said that the authorities should not carry out their duties because of the heavy penalties, which are punishable by law.

Pe Than, a Pyithu Hluttaw representative in Myebon Township, said, “When these administrators resign, the villages are being run by the government. Development trends can be misleading. Without the administrative machinery, the rule of law is gone. At the bottom are human rights abuses; Criminal violations; Bullying is going to grow. ”

9 townships and 59 village tracts in Myebon Township. Sixty-eight community administrators, some of whom have been displaced.

Rakhine State Kyauktaw Mrauk U The prince Ye Htut, Administrators resigned in the last year of the year in the same township.

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