LNG storage vessel arrives in Yangon for the first time to start generating electricity with LNG

The MVN CNTIC VPOWER GLOBAL has arrived in Yangon for the first time to launch electricity with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Myanmar, according to the Ministry of Electric Power and Energy.

The LNG storage vessel MV-CNTIC VPOWER GLOBAL can carry up to 36,000 tons and can store 200 megawatts of LNG of 14 days. The ship departed Malaysia on April 28 and was docked on June 6. The arrival of the LNG storage vessel is the first of its kind for Myanmar, with local and foreign professionals working on the project. A detailed coordination was held between the Consortium of CNTIC and Vpower and the power generation business.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), the first hydropower plant with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), will generate 400 megawatts of electricity and Thanlyin 350 megawatts of electricity to power the country. The LNG to Power project will also generate electricity. The LNG to Power project will also be implemented in a timely manner, according to the statement.

A total of 1166 megawatts of electricity, including Liquefied Natural Gas to Power, are being built. Thanlyin And in Thaketa; In Magway, Magway and Kyauktan; Shwe Taung Township, Bago Region The 66 MW hydropower plant, Magway and Kyaukphyu are being implemented. A total of 151.54 megawatts of electricity and 20.54 MW hydropower plants have been distributed, according to the statement.

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