“Building a majority of political rights (by 2020 elections will be pure and free) is not easy.”

Interview with KNC Chairman Dr M Kaplan

By Yangon Times

After the Union Election Commission announced that the elections will be held in November 2020, the Kachin National Congress Party (KNC) will be allowed to vote in Kachin State Election Commission and 90-day residents. To give people the right to vote in remote areas; Ethics of electoral conduct COC oversight; In advance, An open letter was announced on June 6 calling for discussion on five issues of voter turnout. KNC chairman Dr M Kaalal was interviewed by Modern News in Rangoon.

Q: : The Kachin National Congress has sent an open letter to the Kachin State Election Commission to discuss the five points. The 90-day period included residents who were allowed to vote in their respective areas. So, if that point is confirmed, what more needs to be discussed?

A: : The main point is not since the law was enacted. That’s why we oppose the KNC. On March 9, we did a big demonstration. In fact, we have to organize demonstrations in Rangoon. When COVID-19 becomes canceled, The constitution has been approved by a popular vote. It is a vote of the party. But no one of our state ethnic parties likes this. It’s within the objection. The vote was approved.

But how important a law is and how it is enforced is important. The problem is huge in us. Whether or not the law is enforceable depends on the governing body or its implementing bodies. That is why the law will now be implemented by the UEC.

Our political parties will know how they will handle it, and it is the right of each citizen to vote. If you do not know, it will be difficult. So it needs to be discussed in detail. How will they implement this?

So, for example, we are opposed to this. It does this with the pre-built system. So what is 90 days? When did you arrive? How do I verify now? That was a huge challenge. Do they do this? Will the generals do it? Will the Immigrants do it? Will the UEC sub-committees work? Will the sub-townships work? I think It is impossible. Then, these will be a mess.

This major issue of the 2020 election will be the biggest one. This is the vote after the vote. That’s very important. How will they be implemented? How does this person confirm that he has been in the house for 90 days? This we will know. So if the person who is 90 days old, they have to register for the midterm elections in November. Therefore, only those approved in August can vote in the November election. So how can we build trust if they don’t do this?

It’s very important.

Q: : In the past, they had been allowed to vote for up to six months in 180 days. What is the purpose of the amendment, if anyone who has already been in the 90 days, now is eligible to vote?

A: : This is building a majority of political rights. I’m talking politics. The majority’s political right is simply who most migrant workers are. They are in and out of the states. For example, we have come to enjoy birdlife in Kachin State. It comes with gems. And then it comes with acrylic. It came with gold. It comes with road projects. There are 5 in total. There are hundreds of thousands of migrant workers. According to the Kachin population, according to the 2014 census, we actually calculated 600,000 kyat. Only 7 lakhs. That’s the same thing. Therefore, it is very difficult to implement the political opportunities of the Kachin people. Since then, it is not true. So how would you handle that crowd? We want to know.

You have to figure out what the next 18 years is. So the law was passed. How do you do that? It is not clear how this will be implemented. This will be done by the implementing organization. So the UEC and Immigration, The general Woah. So if we don’t tell them what they want to do, why not accept it? The bottom line is that.

Q: : The second point is that you also want to discuss population issues in order to increase the number of polling stations in polluted areas. What is the main point of this discussion?

A: : Another thing about the polling station

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