Chin Women’s Network Criticizes Responsible for Declaring Daw Aung Myo Oo’s Death Three Days After Arrest, Release

Daw Khin Win Yi, a member of the Chin Women Network, said that the AA had no responsibility for the death of the victim three days after the AA was detained for more than a month and released by the AA.

The AA issued a statement on June 4, saying that Daw Sein Myo Oo, a 51-year-old resident of Thikay village in Minbya Township, had died in the public hospital. On April 27, Daw Sein Mya Oo and U Yae Zaw were accompanied by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi; U Maung Sein Phyu U Win Win Kyaing was summoned for transporting food to the Burmese army, which was stationed at the top of the Ramadan Bridge. He was not tortured during the interrogation. Sein Mya Oo has been suffering from congenital heart disease and mental illness. On May 31, Daw Sein Mya Oo and three men were released. On June 3, Daw Sein Mya Oo died at a public clinic in Minbya Township and the death was not related to AA.

“We are issuing a statement in response to their irresponsible statement. If they are from the AA side, it doesn’t apply to them. “If Daw Aung Mya Oo’s death had nothing to do with the statement, they would not have issued such a statement.”

“Things that have been kept for more than a month and things that are brown in color don’t really apply to them. Even the AA did not find the family. Later the family found out. When families arrived, they were afraid of their families. I have no regrets. I fear people. I know nothing. How could he have been so violent? Without AA, there is no such thing as Daw Sein Mya Oo, ”said Daw Khin Win Yi.

The Chin Women’s Network strongly condemned the statement of the AA on June 6.

“We have no racial hatred. There is no racism in any of us, no matter what race we are. This statement was not made because of racial hatred. Since they are so irresponsible, we are issuing this statement so we would like to say that if all the other ethnic women and women are experiencing this again, we will always be involved. It is not because they hate the Rakhine people. And we don’t do that to make AA misleading internationally. They are responding to their statement, ”said Khin Win Yi.

According to a statement on the Chin Women’s Network, AA held Daw Sein Mya Oo for more than a month from April 27 to June 1. When Sein Mya Oo was released, his normal mood was gone and his breathing pathways were dwindled. Fear, trembling, What is the difference? It was affected physically and mentally. Both wrists and wrists have brown spots on the back, and both legs were injured. He died on June 3. He denounced the statement of the AA. The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on women and to abide by the terms of the UN Security Resolution 135.

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