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Let’s say Namtu Mine is a billion-dollar mine that will be mined in a 38 square kilometer area. Government mismanagement and mismanagement after the government took over. It is worth reviewing that at the time of the military regime, corruption was a great loss.

At present, there is no need to dispute the fact that the mine has been invited to international investment. However, it is not agreed that the country is allowing cheap resources in the country and inviting incentives. Doing so is even more dangerous, as is the international scandal.

The BJV is trying to start a mining operation. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) program for the mines license was conducted by Valenis and Coffey. I would like to report here that Coffey has met with me for the EIA process. Coffey met in 2009 with an interpreter, including two foreigners. He came to explain the project according to the EIA process for mine mines.

“The project is a work for the region and the country,” he said, adding that the three companies will be cooperating, and the company is responsible for the technology. He explained that there will be better regional transportation and new job opportunities due to Namtu mine. The company is a public company based in Australia that tells the board the names and positions of its directors. They have a wealth of experience in mining and international operations. The company did not include details of the company.

Win Myint Moe is a local company, a subsidiary of National Infrastructure Holding Company (NIH), which tells us about the businesses in Burma they are currently working on and has the opportunity to work in Namtu. There is the board name of the NIH and Win Myint Moor. Why not explain the position? Is there something to hide? When asked why, the commenters didn’t say anything.

In Myanmar, the lack of access to information about Myanmar business people is amazing. When it comes to the project, he said that the third group (EIA Company) should not be left open to comment on the project, saying that it should not fail to disclose it openly.

When talking about the shares of East Asia Power (EAP), the board’s names did not come up. EAP, which was established in 2012, is managing the Conerstone Resources Myanmar Limited on behalf of Conerstone Resources Myanmar Limited in the northern Shan State of Lashio and the Zinc Mine (in the exact location). They added that if they did not come up with the names, they would have to write them in the EIA report. The BJV is about to complete its pilot phase of what the project is about to do next.

EIA said the company is conducting research on the environmental impact of Namtu’s ecosystem. What language did you ask when you spoke to people in your language? He said he used Shan language. He told me that he had hired a Shan translator. Why do you not use the Ta’ang (Palaung)? Do you know of any other Ta’ang people besides the Lashio and other ethnic groups in the area? He also urged them to pay attention.

You told them that if you did all the land within 38 square kilometers, they couldn’t do it. The reason is because of the security of the area. If there are concerns about the security of the EIA, EIA said, “Who will take responsibility for meeting the EAO and how difficult it is to help?” This is a very difficult issue. The EIA report, which does not include all the voices of the affected ethnic groups, said it would be timely to try it out.

And the government and EAOs are still talking about peace in our country. Tell Myanmar Metal that you should not think about it and consider investing again. We accept the regional development that you propose. But the school building, Build a road Bridge b

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