Rangoon’s Parliamentary Assembly ends with no parliamentary motion

The Hluttaw representatives submitted a motion to impeach Rangoon’s Prime Minister U Phyo Min Thein and ended the session of the Rangoon Assembly without ending the day.

Originally, the Rangoon Assembly was scheduled to run from June 2 to June 9, but it was only held from June 2 to June 5.

“My request was put on the eve of the parliamentary session on the eve of the Parliament’s inauguration. After that, Parliament had four days. The original parliamentary plan was six days. But it was four days after my important proposal. Even hotels are booked in advance. So, the Rangoon Parliament is quick to file complaints about the Rangoon Prime Minister. I’m a singer, so I’m looking forward to my proposal. “I have no reply and I have no reply and I am skeptical about it.”

Kyaw Zaw The ceremony was held at Botahtaung Pagoda on May 24 by members of the government, including the Prime Minister of Yangon Region. Control Medical order; It was found that the instructions and instructions of the State were not in compliance. The letter was sent to the Speaker of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw on the first day of June 2, to send a letter to the Speaker of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw and the Chief Justice of the Union, promptly in writing.

In addition, U Kyaw Zaw, a USDP MP from the US House of Representatives (the US House of Representatives) and the US House of Representatives in the 5th Congressional District of the Lower House of Representatives, said,

The NLD party was originally scheduled to hold a six-day parliamentary session, but the only four-day session was the mandate of the Hluttaw Speaker and to act in accordance with the law.

“They cannot be answered. They say that the emergency is the Speaker’s case, and they don’t say anything about it. This is another emergency that has been done. There is no comment. We can’t talk about that. No, not anymore. We are also regulated by law. After that, it has been submitted to the Speaker and the Parliament will continue to do so. We will not comment, ”said Sann Kyaw, a Rangoon Hluttaw representative in Botahtaung Township.

Than Naing Oo, a representative of Rangoon’s Rangoon Division, said, “It’s not just a six-day call. The Speaker has the power of the Hluttaw Speaker to determine how much he or she will cut the budget. He had a plan. Once it is done, it will take about 6 days. There is no one to discuss next. The main thing is the budget. New questions cannot be submitted. It’s an emergency. Just about any old question, the cabinet ministers came to answer. When the budget is the focus of the budget, it can be deducted from the budget. It’s equal to the law, ”he said

Proposals submitted in Rangoon Parliament Discussion questions Than Naing Oo added that the right to discuss was the Speaker’s responsibility and that the Prime Minister had requested a report on the religious ceremony by a crowd in Botahtaung.

“The matter with the Prime Minister is that the Speaker has his authority. He is not suggesting that he talk about the Tatmadaw. He has been protesting and protesting at the Botahtaung police station and demanding reports from the Union government. All of the older people are doing what is not being done. It is meaningless to say that this is a proposition. Frankly, it does. It is a political stance, ”he said.

Rangoon’s prime minister, U Phyo Min Thein, had organized a community religious ceremony in Botataung Pagoda, violating a local order that no more than five self-proclaimed Kiwis were involved.

The President’s Office has requested a resolution from the Yangon Region Government and the adults will take action based on the resolution.

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