The sound of a beehive in the vicinity of the resources of the hunters

It is strange to hear that copper mining licenses have been found in hundreds of acres in surrounding townships. Many Singapore-based companies have come to explore oil fields for centuries.

In the old days, loggers were surrounded by goldsmiths (before the company was established). He was working as a carpenter in the small town of Winchester. Goldsmiths The rice mill is quiet because of the rice millers. It will be a time for the people of the surrounding city to enjoy the resources provided by nature.
On the west side of the town of Pauk Tuo, the stream is flowing. When you take a shower in the evening, you see a golden retriever in the stream, holding a sling and a bath.

Until 1989, the locals could have turned a coin into a silver coin. If you can go even further, you can see that you can buy a Chinese engine and dig around it. Gold is widely distributed in Wanbaw Township.
There is no difference between saying “gold” or “gold”. The gold medal is a lot of talk of the pope, and the gold bullion is about to come to fruition by a mere masseuse.

But for those who have the ability to overcome it, the bribe has remained quiet for anyone who is in the background. In the vicinity of Namkham, Namkham is well known for its gold mining.

The area is known as the mouth of a quarry in the British mines, and there is also a gold plow. The archaeologists say it was excavated until the Japanese era.

The gold mines excavated in the British era are known as the PNO / PNA, under the 1994 peace process, and the mine has collapsed. Many of the peacekeepers in the area in 1999 have made several blocks in the Namkham gold mine, and the locals have been able to partake in gold mining.

There have been reports of people turning their lives around because of gold mining and luck.

I told a friend about gold. He is not a goldsmith. The gold mining groups in Shwebo Lett went back to sell their excavated site for travel expenses. His gold medal was a success in his pursuit of the gold medal.

He was well-known to the generals as if he were giving gifts to officers, as was the case with the generals. But he didn’t last long. I mean, the area is a gold rush.

There are a lot more gold magicians. There is a village of Mong Ton Taung, which is more than 5,000 feet high and north of Wunaung Township.

During the freezing cold, a woman digs up the surface of the stream with a hole in the cliff and hides it. The owner of the house where I was staying, got two dollars for his daughter. He said the stripping of the lanterns had not slowed down.

To the north of the Roundabout, there were gold-digging wells in the Soviet Union, as well as in streams.
Speaking to a police officer who had been assigned to the train when traveling as a student, he recounted his experiences in the Bamar era. The chairman of the Sagaing Region Council, Thura Kyaw Swan, was arrested on suspicion of arresting a neighbor in Joe’s ward in Jansong Township. An interview was conducted at a visitor’s residence and told that a map had been found. When asked about the messages on the map, he said he did not say anything but asked for a letter to Ne Win.

He was released after a month of interrogation, and later went to the Hpakant and received no information.

Just west of the city, there is a mirror. There was also a lot of gold in the seven-mile stretch of the road that goes from Wan Tho to the hub of the city. It will include the mirror and the area

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