Farmers sue farmers in Namtan and sue 47 farmers over land confiscation

Southern Shan State Lille District Nansan Township, Yangon The army has filed a lawsuit against 47 original farmers who plowed their fields in Kolkata sub-township, according to the army.

A farmer in Kansan sub-district court filed a case under Section 447 of the infringement case in Kansan sub-district court in Nansan Township, southern Shan State, on June 9, according to farmer activist Sai Sai.

More than 1335 acres of land confiscated by the Tatmadaw is owned by 64 farmers, and farmers have been unaware of when and where the army was confiscated. The Tatmadaw has been banned from farming in these areas since May 2020, and farmers have been forced to open their fields.

“The army has stopped farmers from starting in the 5th of this month,” he said. The farmers refused to sue them until June, because the land was still occupied by their ancestors and they continued to cultivate their land. Farmers want to get back their land, ”said Sai.

Farmers say that now is the time for people to earn their living due to the Covid-19 disease, which has made it more difficult for farmers to confiscate land.

The land was confiscated without any prior permission by the Tatmadaw to claim that the land was owned by the Tatmadaw, although the land does not have a land title.

Farmers are planning to send a letter to the President’s Office and the State Counselor’s office to resolve the land dispute.

The Nansan Township Court has scheduled a trial on June 18 for 47 farmers who were charged with trespassing.

Land confiscation; Although they did not respond to phone calls to the Tatmadaw News Agency about the case, they did not receive a call.

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