Handset Shops in Ponnay

The six mobile phone shops that were set up near Aye Pagoda on the outskirts of Ponnagyun Township in Rakhine State, the owners and representatives of the parliament, told Modern News in Rangoon.

In the morning of June 11, a Tatmadaw officer was shot and killed by a military officer near Aye Pagoda, the capital of Ponnagi, on the morning of June 11. The town was destroyed in the afternoon when no one was outside.

Khin Maung Latt, a National Assembly representative in Ponnagyun Township, said, “Six phone shops were broken yesterday. And the shops were destroyed. Yesterday was a phone shop near Aye Pagoda. The phones were full. The shops were destroyed. People see destruction and take away. ”

The security situation was closed yesterday and all traffic in Ponnag Island was closed and the Yangon-Sittwe road closed until evening. After that, the road runs through Ponnagyun. At the intersection, a large number of soldiers were stationed at the intersection, and residents were closed and all shops were closed and no one got out of the house.

A resident living in Aye Pagoda said: “The town has increased its forces, and all the shops are closed. After that, soldiers were everywhere. Shooting was done. You can’t go out. It will be around midday. My shop was robbed. Then he broke all the glass. More than 30 phones arrived yesterday in Yangon. There is nothing, ”he told the Yangon Times.

Phone shops in the downtown area of ​​Ponnatya market have been smashed, as well as equipment and valuables are missing, said Mobi Phone Shop owners.

“I went to the site this morning and it was destroyed. Then he took his phone. The phone and accessories have not gone away. There is nothing left of my shop. “

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