Five Bangladeshi migrants found in Bangladesh have protested against illegal entry in Maungdaw.

Rakhine State Some Maungdaw residents protested against the illegal immigrants from Maungdaw in Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships after five cases were reported in Bangladesh.

From 12 June to 2 pm today, Min Ye Kyaw Swar Road in Maungdaw Township. U Ottama Road House for sale You have no street. Clock counter Protest leader Sein Hla Phyu told the modern day Rangoon news agency.

Demonstrator U Hla Hla Phyu holds posters to prevent illegal smugglers; Security on the Myanmar border He outlined four steps to take legal action against transgender people and legal action against border security personnel.

Maung Hla Phyu, an activist from Maungdaw, said: “Four people came from Bangladesh. We found 1 person in Buthidaung. Why not take action against such an intrusion? And the people who came in were just infected. The military knows that it doesn’t exist. And what about those who do not know what to do? It is now very dangerous. They just want to get in and out. No one takes action within the legal framework. That’s why we are protesting, ”he said.

Arakanese MPs say that people are worried that the virus could be transmitted through illegal migrants in Rakhine State, due to the ongoing outbreak of the virus in Bangladesh.

U Maung Kyaw Zan, a National Assembly representative from Buthidaung, said that the number of patients infected with the virus in Bangladesh was illegal from Bangladesh.

“He came in from Bangladesh and they came in. While searching for them, I found them in Buthidaung. We came from a refugee camp in Bangladesh. It is not known how many people had been in contact with him. Did he come to Maungdaw from Buthidaung by car? I don’t know if I was traveling by land. He was found at a mosque in Buthidaung township in Buthidaung township, ”he said.

Maung Kyaw Zan added that there is a growing concern among the illegal immigrants from these countries.

“People are worried. Even when the patient was transferred to the 250, there were protests from people living around the mosque, ”he said.

Also, the case of Kovi Patient No. 247, found in Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, last day. 248 224 U Maung Ohn, a Rakhine state parliamentary representative from Maungdaw Township, said that 234 were illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

“There are also family members who have returned. There are a lot of parents in the community. How can we make it happen? It’s only going to increase. I’m worried. As long as there is no way to prevent the returnees, the situation is worrying. The concern is not only Maungdaw. There is concern in the whole of Rakhine state, ”he warned.

U Maung Ohn, an MP from Maungdaw, said the illegal migrants came to Maungdaw by boat from Bangladesh and the authorities wanted to take action.

According to the Ministry of Health and Sports, there are currently 261 cases of cholera and six deaths in Myanmar.

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