The Shan land of the Shan people, which are subject to natural resource curse due to ignorant folly

If you were thinking about writing about eastern Shan State, it would not be possible to solve this problem in Tachilek Township. Tale Township, Tanintharyi Division I think we need to start over about a small village inhabited by the Shan people in the Mong Lone West.

He personally assisted in 2014 and 2015, as well as the official interview of MEITI under Thein Sein’s government.

He did not get a good answer and asked for more assistance under the NLD’s civilian government. One of the reasons the participants in the civilian government only got the reason was that they were not able to go to the department because of a security breach.

When I posted this story on Facebook in 2015, I was threatened by a businessman who said that my age was worth 50,000. The small village of Nang Hai Lon had to travel about an hour’s drive from the town of Tale, which suffered severe earthquakes. In the small village of 60 houses (2014-15), the majority of Shan people live in Shan language.

There is only one local Shan health worker who is fluent in Burmese. The 2014 Sandy Award was honored in 2014 by the organization founded by the Hsipawan Society, which has helped a health worker, Shan, who has helped with the village’s many challenges.

In Shan State, despite the fact that the government is paying taxes, it has to rein in its monetary and social costs, and it needs to rethink whether the environmental effects are irreversible.

In Tachilek Township, in northern Shan State, the area is a tidal zone. Myin Lin All of them were deaf and hard of hearing. There are currently excavations in the mine area. According to statistics under the NLD government, a total of 44 blocks were granted for each block in Tachilek Township.

The gold fields, which are about 10 miles from the village of Nai Hong Luang, are about 15 miles from the Mekong River, which borders Thailand and Laos. The Namkham River flows from the village near Nang Hin Lone and joins the Tale River to flow into the Mekong River. The Namkham River, which runs through the side of Hai Hin Lone village, is about 15 feet deep, up to 2010 feet deep. It can be used in both water and water.

For the local people who live there, the land is good and the water is plentiful because of the high yield of paddy and rice. It is estimated that there are around 300 acres of farmland in the village of Hin Hale Lon.

The health teacher says the village has about three births per year in the village. Near Lahu Village, Lahu Village; There are also Acha and other ethnic villages. There are no EAO’s groups in the area, but there are ethnic militias. No one had thought that living in a small area about 30 miles [30 km] from Tachilek would have to go through many hardships like today.

Today, under the NLD’s government, hundreds of acres of mining fields are being explored in northern Shan State, and many are worried about who will be responsible for solving them in the future. The situation of uninsured people in a village affected by more than 60 homes remains in evidence today.

In the case of the previous government, I would like the government to clarify its accountability. It was an unforgettable event that I personally went to.

Since 2007, gold has been mined in the mountains near the village of Hai-Lon, 30 miles from Tachilek in eastern Shan State.

There were about 11 gold mining companies when Thein Sein took office in 2010. Residents of the area say that there are chargers, chargers, and bricklayers. It is also a place where expatriates go. The way gold is produced in that region is different from that of other regions. As a result, we learned about the photographic evidence we saw and learned how they were produced.

We had to prepare to study the area. Admission to formal education can be quite challenging. The expectation is to obtain evidence on the use of chemicals that affect the environment and people. It was thought that it would be safe for the public to prove that a government was not compliant with the law.

Two members from our team were selected. It was a time of heavy rains.

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