What kind of eye contact should people have? What kind of beauty can you have if you keep an eye on it?

One of the things that is so popular today is that it is one of them. For those who have never had eyebrows, it is not uncommon for people who have never had eyelids to wear them. How long will it last? There are many interesting questions about how to maintain and how to maintain it. For those who are not interested but are not sure how to contact them, I would like to share some details about eye contact.

Four types of eye contact

There are generally four types of eye contact. There are four types of Normal Look, Sexy Look, Cute Look and Gorgeous Look. Normal Look is an instant look that connects to your desired site. Sexy Look is a look that extends to the side of the eye. Cute Look is a look that looks like an eye-catching circle. These looks are further divided into 2D, 3D, and 4D. Some call it Classic, Hybrid, and Volume.

Life expectancy

The actual age of the eye is 28 days. One eyelid flattened out after 28 days. The shortening of the eyelids starts to ebb and then expires after another 28 days.

Life expectancy of eye contact

If the eye contactor is a professional and the technique is correctly applied, If the eye contactor also maintains the eyeball, the lifespan of the eclipse lasts a month and a half.

The younger sister continued to share her experience with Duwun.

“When the eye drops, the eyebrows feel longer and deeper and the eyes are more attractive. When you don’t have eyes, you don’t look like yourself. Even if you do not wear makeup, you feel beautiful on your own.”

The downside of keeping an eye onး

The negative consequences of eyewitnesses are only related to the eyebrows and the eyebrows. If the eye-watering giver is incorrect, If you keep your eyes closed, If the system had not been properly maintained since its inception, it would not have been possible. Just like that The eyebrow successor does not maintain it properly and rubs the eyebrow too much. Like pressure, If you do pull-ups, you may also have blistered eyes. Eye damage It can cause eye irritation.

Duoun Makeup Artist Zin Noble also expressed his sentiments.

“When the eye drops, it feels like your eyelids are more beautiful in the thick. I have confidence in myself. The main thing is that they look like life in the eyes. When you speak, everything looks as if it were your own. I feel that way more. But if you don’t keep your eyes on it, something’s gone. Your eyes are weak, It feels like the sun is gone.”

Keeping eyes on the wrong people

If people keep on wiping, will they remove their eyebrows? They often wonder if their eyes will fall off. In fact, the actual lifespan of the eyelid is only 28 days, since the eye of the eye is operating at its normal level, so that it is connected to the correct stylist. Keeping your eyebrows in check will not cause any eye damage.

Able Phyo, an eyelash stylist, told Duwun what kind of eyelashes should stay.

“Keeping your eyes on the race Any eye can keep an eye on it. There is no difference in the appearance of the eye on the eye and the eye on a normal eye. It is a kind of eye-catching beauty. The good thing about eye drops is that people who go to the office regularly do so. It is good to keep the eye on the eyelid if it is not comfortable. People who wear fake eyelids every day are more likely to get rid of their eyebrows or contact with eyebrows. If you keep your eyes on them, you won’t have any of these problems. Keep it up for a month and a half, and your self-confidence is beautiful. Some people claim 6 months of exposure. If the system continues properly, it will take a month and a half. Not for 6 months. The disadvantage depends on the method. If his connection is wrong, it could have negative consequences. This is what the client has to be careful of with the eyelash extension stylist, so you have to keep an eye on the client’s eyebrows. The wrong method. Contact with the skin; It doesn’t work well if the plants grow together. No matter how much the customer retains, the guest will not stay. I don’t know why. When you do this, your eyebrows are affected. Care should be taken not to rub too much and pull it out. If they maintain it, there will be no consequences. Today, eyelash extension has become quite popular, and it does not suffer as much. The successor needs to be on the right path. It is only necessary for the successor to maintain this eye. If the two sides are kept together, there will be no harm. ”

Prices of eye drops

I think people who want to keep an eye on it also want to know the prices. The price of eyelash extensions ranges from 20,000 to 40,000, so it doesn’t cost too much, so it is comfortable for anyone who wants to be on the lookout.

Now that you know the price as well as the reasons to keep the eye on the eye and also the cost to keep the eye on it, I would like to urge you to ask the right expert. May all be more beautiful than the yoke!

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