International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is being celebrated around the world on March 8. The purpose of this day is to give women equal rights.

International Women’s Day

In 1909, the United States began its efforts to establish Women’s Day. On March 8, 1857, the Garment Factory was designated as the Women’s Day in protest of the equal opportunity for workers. Gradually, this day was celebrated in many countries, and in 1975 the International Women’s Day was officially celebrated.

Women’s equal rights

For many years women have been fighting for equality for women. Equal rights is not asking for more rights, but asking for equal rights.


Especially in Burma, women are weak and vulnerable. Followers, They are usually limited to the host. Traditional parents say that if a girl gets married, she will have to follow the man because she is not married. They may also be involved in the distribution of inheritance. In the workplace, too, women often fail to give them positions of responsibility.

Can’t a Girl Do It?

It is impossible to look down at the crooked hands. Even if you are the owner of the house, the birth of a child starts with the responsibilities of the home. Women who can manage all their livelihoods are born to learn birth management. In this growing age, women have the same responsibilities and responsibilities as men. I know what I mean. Many things have come and gone.

Want more opportunities?

Women are not asking for equal rights because they are women. It is considered impossible for women. Women are human beings in order to reduce the restrictions that are imposed on the household, because they are women.

What should women do?

Women who are demanding equal rights cannot just claim their rights. You need to show that you deserve these opportunities. We also need to prove that we are fully capable. I tell myself I’m not weak. I need to believe that I have the full potential.

Male and female We need to respect each other

We want more from men than we want from men. We also need respect. The trauma of the commute is the same as impeding our women’s rights. There is no law in the law that a man can take a wife after her. We also want to treat women with respect.

Domestic problems

Especially in Myanmar, when a husband and wife are fighting within a marriage, the husband often attacks the wife. The victim was attacked by her family, family and friends. It should be from the environment. It still seems like the right thing to do. Women should never tolerate such oppression. Accepting such oppression can cause children to mistakenly think of themselves as oppressed.

Women have equal rights for all

There are questions about what happens if all women have equal opportunity. If only women had equal opportunities, If you have the opportunity to make the same effort, If you are treated with respect anywhere, at home … The same education; The same wage? If all things were equal, they would be able to have a good and respectful social environment and a lot of productivity and labor for the country.

Celebrate all over the world

With these positive results, many women are being promoted to equal opportunities for women as they celebrate International Women’s Day around the world. As women’s roles are broadened, women’s capacities will increase.

The slogan of 2020

Every year, you come to March 8 every year. The theme of this year is “Each For Equal”. Equally important is the empowerment of the nation’s resources and the productivity of women, so that women are equal in their ability and ability to become equal. The article also urges that men should respect the rights and equality of women and that women should be treated equally.

Happy International Women’s Day! May we all stand out as brilliant women.

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