If a person hurts yourself several times, it’s because he is allowing it.

Everyone has experienced the pain, It is not unusual for everyone to feel the pain, but it is a strange thing if the person who repeatedly hurts himself or herself is alone.

Don’t allow a person to get hurt repeatedly

Don’t allow only one person to repeatedly hurt yourself. People are always groaning in pain. They don’t realize that they are allowing themselves to hurt. Remind yourself that if only one person repeatedly hurts yourself, it is the pain that is allowing them.

Duwun, a model actress, told Duwun how she should react to someone who repeatedly hurts herself.

“I hurt him, too, is very important for me, I want to see how certain people just repeating the very painful if he should abandon abandoned abandonment. He will not leave. But my heart is very often want to release a maternal comfort those who hurt. I would just love The pain recurring instead try to love yourself, and your future will continue to become a shiny happy just bad out from all the hurt feelings will heal with time, I’d like to be ok comfort”

Respect yourself

If you still cling to those who hurt you, it is the same with disrespecting yourself. Don’t let those who hurt you by yourself. It should not be said that those who repeatedly hurt. Even if it hurts this person, it is nothing compared to what he hurts.

Avoid those who do not care about you

The people who hurt you are the ones who don’t care what you feel. Even if you are in pain, you can look up and see. It is important to note that those who are suffering from pain are happy. People who don’t care about you. Avoid those who are blind to your feelings.

Don’t allow disrespectful treatment

It hurts me. Do not treat yourself with disrespect. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your own feelings. You can do this. This is the kind of person who can hurt. No matter how painful it may be, don’t let others see you. Even though you are hurting, you will always be around. Prepare to leave those who are hurting themselves, thinking that they will not leave.

Aye Soe, who has been in the media for decades, told Duwun that she should give up on the things that hurt her.

Don’t take care of people who don’t care about your pain

People are about love and mutual love. There is goodwill. Not just a marriage mate. In any kind of relationship, you are not a part of yourself. For those who want to do what they do without paying attention to their own pain, you must not give up in your life. Try to get rid of those who hurt themselves and who do not care about your pain.

Especially girls are hoping that they will never hurt the person repeatedly. There is no need for sympathy for the person who repeatedly hurts. So avoid those who are hurting yourself repeatedly, I urge every girl to get out of her life.

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