I miss my little girls.

Nita said she had returned home from a grand voucher in the Facility Quarantine today.

The singer has returned home on May 21 after a two-week Facility Quarantine in April. Duwun Media also reported that his daughters are very hungry.

“Today I will be back at my mom’s house. I have to go home for 10 miles a week at my mom’s house. I will see you after blood donation on the 28th. “He was angry and didn’t talk. He didn’t look at me.

He said he wanted to read to his two daughters when he returned home on May 28. She says she wants to buy her favorite foods.

“When we get back to the kids, we want to kiss the kids. The girls are tired and they want to hug them too. They are happy to feed their kids. They both like to be old and hot.

Nata is a month and a half away from her family when she is on Quarantine. He said he had been away for two months. When the Quarantine was in, he told his family about his feelings and his feelings.

“I want to stay warm with my family, but when the disease goes away unexpectedly when it comes to a month and a half or two months later, they remember it too.” “I like the warmth of my warmth.”

The singer has been living at the Insein Hospital since March 13, when he received a medical alert on March 13, when he received a health alert and was taken to Insein Hospital as a positive response. From May 9 to May 21, we had a two-week course of Facility Quarantine. Home Quarantine will remain on May 21. He says health has improved significantly.

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