Even if the reconstruction of the Shwedagon Pagoda was closed during the COVID-19, the golf course is planning to allow only a limited number of people.

Shwedagon Pagoda chairman Dr. Ye Aung told Duwun that when the reopening of the pagoda would begin, the people would be allowed to go to the monastery because of fear of being too far away.

“No date has been set for reopening,” he said. If you reopen, you will make a sign so that the feet of each other are 6 feet apart. I would put soap bars. It is not possible to bring all the people up to God for 6 feet. So we are planning to split up with a limited number of people, ”said Dr Ye Aung.

He said that the pilgrims should also be careful not to be disturbed.

He said it would be determined by the number of pilgrims and the time when the population would be restricted and reopened.

Those who do not have a Mask will not be allowed to go to God.

Yangon has been shut down since April in the country when the number of COVID-19 infections increased, and no official date for reopening has yet been announced.

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