The skeletons and bones were buried in ancient tombs.

An archaeological site has been destroyed in the old town of Hang Linh in Wale Township, Sagaing Division, according to the World Heritage List.

Duwun township lawmaker Duwun told lawmakers that the ancient skeleton, which had been excavated at the site of excavation No. 29 west of the Old Town Hall, was destroyed.

Representative Soe Win Tun said the jade was found about 3,500 years ago, and that the burglars thought they could have buried expensive jewelry.

“It was a burial place with human skeletons at the site of the destruction,” he said. There are also pottery. Ancient research has shown the bones of pottery. It means that it is thought to contain jewelry. Of course not. The jawbone is also damaged. Oh he said, it broke. ” Soe Win Tun Tun said.

The case has been lodged at the Wale police station on 6 June and no suspects have been arrested so far.

Four years ago, a hollow-stone jade was buried in the old town of Holland, four years ago.

Currently, there are no closures on the Old Town due to COVID-19, but the number of tourists is low and security has been increased.

The World Heritage List in Bagan has been the subject of a recent crackdown on Buddhist temples. There was a fire in the entrance of the entrance to the pagoda, and security was being increased in Bagan.

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