More is God! She has become more involved in the law and has become more involved in her career. Anger has ebbed.

The singer claims that as she turns a year old, her mind grows more mature. God! Duwun tells us that as more work is being done, emotions are also changing.

The bride will be more religious as well. As I became more religious, I became frustrated with certain things. Peace and happiness We will work hard to get rid of feelings of suffering. Do you meditate? I will only do good works. Now my mind is becoming more mature. I feel like I’m getting older. What day will I die? You must make the best of your life. The book of Dharma; I read more books on the Dharma, ”she said on her birthday.

She also told Polo that he had been angry in the past. God! After the lawsuit was over, he said, he had been able to control his temper as he had before.

In the past, I was very angry. So I had to take care of myself. Something has to be rekindled. This didn’t happen right away. It took several years. Greed Anger also eased. There are some inconveniences, but you can try again. I think that these kids are becoming more mature. ”

Polo is one of the most famous female singers in the world by singing their own songs. Her first solo album was her all-time favorite single, She has also released some of her favorite radio albums, and also a Master Piece mini album, as well as a film producer. He is also a successful young singer in the music industry.

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